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09 May 2009 @ 05:14 pm
Okay... i know, i know. I'm not using this journal anymore, and that's the reason why i'm keeping it locked - well besides the nc17 fics here. xD I'm keeping this because i won't be posting any of the old fics here, especially the super junior yaoi. xD So feel free to friend it. But please leave me a message here so i'd know why you are friending me. ^_^ And if it's coz of the fics, post a comment on them - whether you liked it or not - just let me know.
05 May 2008 @ 07:12 pm
22 April 2008 @ 02:50 pm
A tutorial on making colors stand out. And matching colors. Thank you!

For Stand Out ColorsCollapse )


For Color MatchingCollapse )

Credits: AOL, GOOGLE, UST Lib, DA, DAFONT, LJ, SOOMPI, 1001Free Fonts, SJ*FH
10 April 2008 @ 06:43 pm
I need a tutor... on writing smut. O____________________o
08 April 2008 @ 06:35 pm
I saw this on INCOM. lol. and i liked what it said about me...
My bday is March 27th

March 24 - 31 ~ Parasite

If you are a Parasite: An extremely lovable, adorable person, sometimes shy, with a passion for quick wit. At times, you prefer quietness. You love exploring various things and going into depth of each thing. Under normal circumstances you're cool but when given a reason to, you are like a volcano waiting to erupt. You're a fashion bird. People look forward to you as an icon associated with fashion. Basically, you mingle along freely but don't like talking much to strangers. People feel very easy in your company. You observe care in choosing your friends.
05 April 2008 @ 06:44 pm
—At Starbuck’s—

Dan: Sigh. I need a boyfriend... right now!

Eeteuk (Mr. Angel) & Junsu (Duck Butt): I’m single... I can be your boyfriend!

Mr. Angel: (to Duck Butt) Hey! Why would she pick you? She loved me first... so I should be her boyfriend!

Duck Butt: Heh! She loves me more... she loves my voice... I can sing, not like someone—

Mr. Angel: She can’t kiss your voice, though. Fortunately, she can kiss my dimple... she loves my dimple!

Duck Butt: Who in their right mind would love and kiss a fake dimple?!

Dan: (finally!) Shut up, you guys! I have an idea on how I can pick...

Mr. Angel & Duck Butt: ...?

Dan: The first guy who says my first name (Divina) correctly... will be my boyfriend.

Mr. Angel & Duck Butt looks at each other and starts to practice. Dan, on the other hand, stands to order a drink. When she comes back, the guys where still practicing.

Dan: ehem. Let’s hear it then.

Mr. Angel: (clears his throat) Dee—bee—na!

Dan: @________________________@

Duck Butt: Hah! It’s not like that! It’s DIH—BIH—NA!

Dan: O_________________________o Was there suppose to be a difference?

Barista: (Dan’s drink is ready) Venti Mocha Latte for Ms. DIVINA!

Dan rushes to the counter.

Dan: (to the barista) Are you free? Would you like to be my boyfriend?

Barista: Sure, why not?

Dan: (to the other guys) See yah later!

Mr. Angel & Duck Butt: T____________________________________T
21 November 2007 @ 12:50 pm
I missed my journal.
and i dont even have anything... any fic to post.
I think i wont be writing for a while.

I was hospitalized for a 4days.
yes 4days.
I was diagnosed with dengue fever.
it was the first time that i was confined.
It was the first time that i had IV tubes to and from my body.
It was the first time...
and yet i was alone there in the hospital ward.
when everyone was minding there own business... talking to their visitors...
i had to ask someone else to call the nurse for me because my nose was bleeding.

it was the saddest experience of my life.
i was half expecting anyone to come and keep me company even for just an hour...
but only my sister came...
and she just slept beside me.
im thankful for her, though.
it just proves that no matter what happens, i only have her...